Residence. Harwinton Town Garage.
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What is Thermography?

Thermography, as used in building diagnostics, creates a thermal picture of a feature of a building. This picture will depict temperature variations to a fraction of a degree, and display these temperatures by variations in color. These images will indicate gaps in insulation, presence of moisture, openings in vapor barriers, gaps in weather stripping, and overheating of electrical components.

The presence of moisture will be indicative of plumbing or building envelope leak and a precursor to the growth of mold. This service can be very useful to building owners that are concerned about energy conservation and health of occupants.

In the folloing photos the digital photos are a reference for the thermal photos. (This will take extra loading time so please be patient.)

Examples of Heat Loss  
The colors on the thermal photo reflect differences in temperature and show heat escaping from the home.

This thermal photo taken in black and white shows gaps in insulation and areas of heat loss.

Example of Electrically Generated Heat  
The colors in the thermal photo depict the range of heat generated by the electrical panel.

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